Best Guided Tours in New Zealand

new-zealand-679066_960_720Even the most organized tourist can find it challenging to find the best sights to see and get the best experience from their time. A guided tour takes the guesswork out of tourism and lets visitors focus on enjoying the surroundings and the activities that they are most interested in. There are multiple types of guided tours in New Zealand to meet the needs of a variety of interests.

  • The Timber Trail is a bicycle guided tour that takes travelers through ancient forests and across suspension bridges across a meandering trail. In spite of the thrills that participants will encounter, the trail is rated easy-to-intermediate and it can be completed in just two days.
  • South Island offers unmatched beauty and tradition for a hiking and walking tour to surpass all others. The tour will include two glaciers, Franz Josef and Fox, along with a variety of landscapes. Walk along the alpine tundra and Oceanside trails for a diversity of photo opportunities and the impressive scenery that will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Milford Sound is a scenic area that is best seen by boat. Guided tours include views of Mitre Peak, the stunning Mirror Lakes, Fiordland National Park, and breathtaking views of waterfalls and rapids.
  • The best of New Zealand includes a diversity of geography that can best be appreciated from a small plane or helicopter. Book a tour and get the most extraordinary views of Lake Taupo, Northland, Auckland, Canterbury, Queenstown, the West Coast and much more. Another option is a hot air balloon ride for those who are a little more adventurous.

There are many resources for finding guided tours in New Zealand and most can be found with a simple search online. Just choose the type of transportation preferred and the area of interest and book a reservation to see the true natural beauty of this country.

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