Best Independent Theaters in New Zealand

Like everything else in New Zealand, watching a movie can be a different experience from the norm. Unlike the cinemas in the mall at home, NZ is home to a number of private cinemas that offer visitors a hint of history, impressive architecture, and a different kind of show. These theaters make going to the movies a cultural experience that is somehow cozier and entertaining.

Time Cinema in Wellington


The convenient location of the cinema puts it about fifteen minutes from the airport or from town, making it a great option for visitors on holiday. The complex hosts forty guests and it also includes a Cine Club that gives guests the opportunity to view historic movies with others who have the same interests. Groups can choose from full catering services or snacks and there are pinball games and movie memorabilia for more entertainment options.

The Regent Greymouth

There are now two purpose-built cinemas, each of which is fully equipped with the latest technology including digital projection and 3D capability. In addition to the movies, there are also live shows and upcoming performances by the Met Opera.

The Dome in Gisborne

Some of the words guests have used in the past to describe the Dome Cinema are “bewitching” and “unexpected.” The cinema combines modern and fun features with those of old-timey elegance and romance to create an atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home partly due to the comfortable beanbag seating. There are a bar and a top quality sound system to give guests everything they want for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Every private theater offers visitors something a little different with regards to atmosphere, entertainment options, and the overall feel of the experience. The variety of private owned theaters throughout the suburban areas of New Zealand makes it an ideal entertainment choice for nearly any location.

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