Exciting Things for Adventurers to Do in New Zealand

Enjoying dinner made from locally grown cuisine, touring the incredible landscapes, and visiting museums to learn more about local culture are some of the things that the majority of vacationers to New Zealand enjoy. For those with a more adventurous spirit, there are activities that will take them to new heights. Some of the most exciting attractions in the country include:


rafting-293542_960_720The options available include a gentle grade 1 rapid for beginners to extreme grade 5 rapids and the highest commercially rafted waterfall anywhere in the world. Popular rafting spots include the West Coast, Lake Taupo, and Queenstown.

Bungee Jumping

The highest bungee jumping spot in New Zealand is at the top of the Nevis but the Auckland Harbour Bridge over the Waikato River offers jumpers a different experience. Enjoy the best in bungee jumping in the country where bungee was born.

Jet Boating

Jet boating is the most exciting way to view the falls or to soar over one of the amazing rivers. It’s a powerful experience that gives adventurers the thrill they need along with a new perspective of the beautiful landscaping of the country.


New Zealand is well-known among spelunkers for its challenging and amazing cave systems. Waitomo Caves is a popular spot and Nelson offers even more opportunities for underground adventures at the location of the hemisphere’s deepest sinkhole.


The first part of the adventure starts with a flight to the top of the mountain. The second part is skiing down the snow-covered mountain.

Zorb or OGO

Nothing is more of an adventure than getting inside a giant plastic ball and rolling down a hill. These must-try activities are offered in Rotorua.

Off-Road Driving

Thanks to an abundance of back-country roads and the sand dunes of Ninety Mile Beach, off-road driving is the ideal way to see the scenic wilderness that is off the beaten track.

There is no end to the adventures New Zealand offers to those vacationers who are looking for a little less relaxing way to spend their time.

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